About Us

Since established in October 2020, pursuing family happiness remains central to Girlcuu's brand creation. We adhere to developing new gifts like realistic animals that meet people's needs, offering a great product at a great price, building high-quality brands that everyone can afford, and continuing to provide customers with personalized and unexpected shopping experiences.

In the same year 2020, we launched realistic animals. Realistic animals are the brainchild of our founder Emma. Her friend Sally particularly likes puppies but can’t keep them for she has no time to take care of them. Emma gave Sally a cute puppy handmade for her birthday. And this simulated puppy gave Sally a great accompany! Then Emma was inspired, she decided to use the simulated puppies as a product of Girlcuu to deliver more real warmth to everyone who needs accompany like Sally. These handmade friends look so lifelike that they please many of our animal lovers' customers from America and Canada.